Hills United Reformed Church
Hills, Minnesota

Why We Do What We Do ... & Believe What We Believe

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Papers & Pamphlets about Our Worship

What is Worship ... & why do we worship the way we do?

Sing Praise to the Lord -- But Why Psalms?

Tithes? Offerings? How are these part of our worship?

Carefully Preparing for the Privilege of Worship

Some of Our Reformed Distinctives

Encountering the Reformation: Elders Who Care

Encountering the Reformation: Close Communion

Encountering the Reformation: Singing the Psalms

Encountering the Reformation: Christian Schooling

This We Believe!

Who Is Jesus? And what does Jesus have to do with Jehovah?

The High Calling to Shepherd Small Souls

Pursuing Peace in a Sin-Filled World (Part 1 of 2)

Pursuing Peace When It's Not Easy (Part 2 of 2)

Living Our Faith

Profession of Faith -- What Is It? Why Do It?

Preparing to Marry as Christians

Re-Thinking Singleness & Marriage within the Church

About Christian Education

Why Christian Education? Or: The Myth of Neutrality

Why We Need & Support Hills Christian School